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Our administration and faculty endeavor to maintain the best program and curriculum that can be devised. Our program is designed to provide the student with a maximum exposure in many areas, including the following: academic skills, motor skills, social arts, and emotional development.

Our Mission

Each child receives individual attention with emphasis placed on personal motivation, academic achievement, and positive self-image. Jesus Christ, Bible, and the Christian way of life are an integral part of the program. We employ only dedicated Christian people who are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities for professional growth.


School For Excellence

We are working to make sure that every child find their potential with us.

Parents Say

What They Think About Zion

“Zion provides a wonderful environment for our children to learn, grow and thrive. The academics are of high quality and they teach students to reach their highest potential. The students have a well-rounded experience at Zion with strong emphases in academics, physical education, spirituality and community. It is a small school that allows for personal attention and interaction. “

– Doris J. Black

What We Do

Our Curriculum

The curriculum is under constant review by the faculty and revisions are made as the need becomes apparent.

Bible knowledge with an emphasis on God’s plan for His people from Old Testament promises to New Testament promises and their fulfillment through Jesus Christ. Bible stories, songs, hymns, and prayers are used.
Writing and listening activities are taught in all grades. Grammar is emphasized in the upper grades including sentence diagramming. Writing instruction includes paragraph skills, creative writing, and report writing that involves library research.
Printing is mastered in Kindergarten and in first grade to ease the transition into cursive writing. Cursive writing is emphasized in Grades 2-4. Writing is taught in conjunction with the other subjects in Grades 5-8.
A balanced program is presented to provide a solid foundation in accuracy and comprehension of varying reading materials. Phonics and word recognition are emphasized in the earlier grades. Word analysis, comprehension, and vocabulary skills are emphasized in the upper grades.
Phonics, word derivation, word analysis, and dictation are emphasized in all grades. Spelling is also emphasized in conjunction with all other subjects.


Our News & Announcements

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Welcome to Zion Lutheran School

Zion Celebrates 130 years of Christian Education in the 2013-2014 school year.

Our theme verse: “Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.” 1 John 4:11

Zion Lutheran School offers a Christ-centered learning environment
with a strong emphasis on academics.

Our small class size enables our teachers to cultivate students individually while challenging each student to reach their full potential.  With classes spanning Kindergarten through eighth grade, the faculty works closely with the parents and each other to create a program that meets the needs of all students.

We believe in educating the whole child in an environment that nurtures each individual, promotes academic excellence, and builds strong Christian character.

ZLS is one of the oldest parochial schools on the West Coast, founded in 1883.



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